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Short Sale Counter Offer Strategy

I experienced a first this week. The first time a seller countered an offer from one of my buyers on a short sale asking contingencies to begin right away upon seller-acceptance, not at the time of bank approval. I was immediately taken aback by this almost insulting suggestion – my thought was “you’re asking the […]


Concerto Lofts #238 Playa Vista

I think it’s fair to say there are a lot of non-available or undesirable properties on the market in Playa Vista now.  If it’s not litigation making financing difficult or short sales with 23 offers that are still listed as “active,” it’s just unattractive or overpriced properties. Here’s one that is none of the above in Concerto Lofts #238 […]


Short sales – Don’t Always Believe The List Price

While getting a great deal on a short sale in Playa Vista is enticing, it there is always someone on the other end of that trade, who might not be.  With very little besides a “marketing savvy” listing agent and an already underwater seller who may be facing foreclosure determining the list price for their […]