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Phase II Housing and What it Means for You

We’ve known for some time that there is more housing coming to Playa Vista, East of the current development.  It’s only recently that it has been announced what some of the new home product will be.   The following (partial) list of properties expected to be built was taken from Playa Vista Today: 1.  Brookfield homes will be […]


Retail Center for Phase II Moving Forward

The California Supreme Court recently declined to hear the legal challenge to the 111-acre Village at Playa Vista, paving the way for a central shopping area providing for wide ranging services such as grocery shopping, pharmacy, restaurants, and a movie theater that the area has lacked.  This commercial element had been in the works for years but plans were stalled after […]


Playa Vista Phase II Will Be Beneficial to the Community

With the news that the development of Playa Vista Phase II has been approved AGAIN, it’s time to start thinking about how this will affect property values and your quality of life as a Playa Vista buyer or home-owner. Here are some things to consider. The addition of 2,600 new homes in “The Village” will […]