Seabluff Flats

Is it a Good Time to Buy in Playa Vista? The Objective Case that it is.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you might have noticed that I sometimes take contrarian positions, which in a hot real estate market, might appear negative. Being negative is not the point. The point is to challenge group think that often occurs in real estate markets and to introduce new ideas that much of the […]


Buyers Becoming More Selective in Playa Vista Market

After the dearth of inventory in the 4th quarter and the trickle of listings that got quickly gobbled up in the early months of 2018, supply has begun to normalize. Inventory for condos and single family homes stands at 19, which includes one listing currently under construction at Seabluff. These more “normal” conditions are reducing […]


Seabluff Flats Sales Registration Begins Tuesday

Seabluff Flats, the long-awaited condo project by The New Home Company, being built on the site of the former farmers market parking lot is beginning priority sales registration on Tuesday, January 9th at 10:00 AM. Playa Vista dot com states that¬†units are being offered “from the low $1 Millions” with the smallest units being microscopic […]