Interest Rates

Is it a Good Time to Buy in Playa Vista? The Objective Case that it is.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you might have noticed that I sometimes take contrarian positions, which in a hot real estate market, might appear negative. Being negative is not the point. The point is to challenge group think that often occurs in real estate markets and to introduce new ideas that much of the […]


This is Not Your Mother’s Real Estate Market

I admit it. It has been pretty easy to sell real estate in Playa Vista from 2011 to 2017. There are things I would do to prepare properties to show better, create the best leverage, negotiate the best deal, and create the best experience for my clients, but honestly, some sales that were layups that made me look good. Bottom […]


The Effect of Rising Interest Rates on the Playa Vista Market

This week the federal reserve raised the Fed Funds interest rate by a quarter point (.25%) for the sixth time since the financial crisis. They signaled that they expect to raise rates another two times this year and three times next year. The Fed Funds rate is the rate at which banks lend other banks […]