Controlled Price Unit

Entry-Level Inventory Coming Soon

Has it been 15 years already? Beginning this April, homeowners who purchased Controlled Price Units (CPU’s) will no longer be bound by maximum resale price restrictions and will be able to start selling these properties for market value. For over 100 units with an original sale date in 2003, the lifting of this maximum price restriction is likely […]


New Listing – Crescent Walk #349

I know you agents and “experienced” buyers are getting tired of drama caused by short sales.  Well, here’s an equity sale and a mighty attractive one as well.  This Controlled Price Unit in Crescent Walk is just the right mix of open space and coziness for a price under $300,000.  The open floor plan, generous balcony, […]


Concerto Lofts #238 Playa Vista

I think it’s fair to say there are a lot of non-available or undesirable properties on the market in Playa Vista now.  If it’s not litigation making financing difficult or short sales with 23 offers that are still listed as “active,” it’s just unattractive or overpriced properties. Here’s one that is none of the above in Concerto Lofts #238 […]