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Supply and Demand Issues and Implications for Playa Vista Buyers and Sellers

The title of this post seems like the title for a dissertation.   There is certainly plenty to write on the subject, however this will be a synopsis of the issues as I realize this blog post is meant to be interesting as well as informative. As you may know, there was a higher percentage of distressed properties […]


Is Docusign Leading the Real Estate Comeback?

For the last two years or so, electronic signatures on real estate forms through platforms such as Docusign have gone from non-existent to fringe to the norm.  These forms are widely accepted for offer purposes and only in certain cases are denied by lenders, in which case, hand signatures must be suppied at some point, normally […]


Major Lenders Underwhelm in Customer Service

On two recent listings, I have been dismayed at the customer service of two major lenders that were obtaining financing on behalf of the buyer, the tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber of residential lending, Wells Fargo and Chase. On the Wells Fargo transaction, the buyer requested a 45 day escrow which was agreed to by […]