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Playa Vista Phase II Will Be Beneficial to the Community

With the news that the development of Playa Vista Phase II has been approved AGAIN, it’s time to start thinking about how this will affect property values and your quality of life as a Playa Vista buyer or home-owner. Here are some things to consider. The addition of 2,600 new homes in “The Village” will […]


Myth Buster – Listing Your Home in December is a Bad Idea

While the holiday season it may not always be the most convenient time for Playa Vista home sellers to have their home ready to sell, I can say that doing so might be worth the inconvenience. It is my opinion that it does not matter when you list your Playa Vista home for sale and […]


SB 800 – Consumer Protector or Cause for Concern

If you live in Playa Vista or have been in the market, you probably have heard of SB 800, which is the abbreviation for a California senate bill passed last decade, also known as the “fix it” law. It serves to establish a claims process for which “building defects” can be addressed by home purchasers […]